Twelfth Night Audition

Congratulation to both casts!

Twelfth Night Cast List

Viola - Lexi Thompsen

Olivia - Larissa Anderson

Maria - Meighan Smith

Orsino - Tennessee Tarrant

Sebastian - Nic Hebertson

Antonio - Angel Fernandez

Sir Toby - Bryson Dumas

Sir Andrew - Cole Lawson

Malvolio - Zach Vayo

Feste - Robert Fernandez

Fabian - Sydney Growe

Esperanza (Olivia’s handmaid) - Camille Dedman

Puppet Show Cast List

Sean Sweeney - Shakespeare (Narrator)

Mallory deForest - Polly (Narrator)

Anna Roelofs - Puppet Ensemble (will be plugged into all other roles)

Julie Stoddard - Puppet Ensemble (will be plugged into all other roles)

Twelfth Night Audition Sides


Festival Director James Parker

Twelfth Night Directed by Joanne Parker

Puppet Shows Directed by Larissa Anderson

List of Main Characters:

Viola - A young aristocratic woman and the play's protagonist. She disguises herself as a young man, "Cesario", after she is shipwrecked on the shore of Illyria. She becomes the page of Duke Orsino; however, she is in love with Orsino, who doesn't know that she is a woman disguised as a man.

Duke Orsino - An Illyrian nobleman who is fashionably in love with Lady Olivia. "Cesario" (Viola in disguise) is his new page whom he has a great affection for and uses as a messenger to speak to Olivia.

Olivia - A countess and love interest of Orsino. She does not return Orsino's love and instead is in love with "Cesario" (Viola in disguise). She is a bit temperamental.

Malvolio - Olivia's steward. He is very serious and rarely, if ever, smiles. He wishes to marry Olivia in order to gain more power, wealth and responsibility. He is also quite full of himself.

Maria - Olivia's lady in waiting. She is very clever, daring and, like Malvolio, aspires to a higher social position.

Sebastian - Viola's twin brother. He was also shipwrecked with his sister and was saved by Antonio. He was then brought to Illyria.

Sir Toby Belch - Olivia's uncle. He is a penniless drunkard with noble status who lives with Olivia. He often tricks Sir Andrew out of his money.

Sir Andrew - A noble interested in marrying Olivia. He is also a drunkard who throws away his money spending it on Sir Toby. He is described as featherbrained.

Clown - Olivia's fool. He makes pointed jokes, sings old songs and often proves his wit.

Fabian - A member of Olivia's household. He helps Sir Toby keep control of Sir Andrew.

Antonio - Man who saves Sebastian from the wreck. He is very close to Sebastian while they are on Illyria.