The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe Auditions

Cast List

Lucy - Helene Parker

Edmund - Wyatt Cernyar

Susan - Maggie Lea

Peter - Seth Jones

Aslan - Brinton Wilkins

Fenris Ulf - Tennessee Tarrant

Mr. Tumnus - Cole Lawson

White Witch - Brooke Wilkins

Mr. Beaver - Chris Taylor

Mrs. Beaver - Ashley Breitenstein

Father Christmas - Steve Headman

Mrs. Macready - Meighan Smith

Professor - Craig Pickup

Ginabrik, the Witch’s Dwarf - Eliyah Ghaeini

Dwarf 1 - Kaden Taylor

Dwarf 2 - Tal Hughes

Cat 1 - Ari Tarrant

Cat 2 - Syncere Bradford

Cat 3 - Tom Rudd

Aslan’s Court:

Earth Goddess - Kelly Cernyar

Dryad - Sophia Olson, Mabel Petersen, Emerson Mace

River Goddess - Larissa Anderson

Naiad - Elizabeth Myers, Alexis O’Neal, Mary Cernyar, Naomi Cernyar

Wood God - Craig Pickup

River God - Steve Headman

Narnian/Animal (TBD) - Ellie England

Narnian/Animal (TBD) - Catelin Raven

Narnian/Animal (TBD) - Sawyer Mace

Bird - Alina Smith

Narnian/Animal (TBD) - Meighan Smith

Unicorn - Teigan Akagi

Deer - Lexi Thompson

Snow Dancers:

Alina Smith

Elizabeth Myers

Sophia Olson

Mary Cernyar

Naomi Cernyar

Good Dwarves:

Nicholas Wilkins

Peter Wilkins

Henry Holmgren

Jack Cernyar

Alice Holmgren


Sawyer Mace

Mabel Petersen

Description of Characters (all characters will have a British accent)

Aslan (age late 20s to 60s) - Lion king of Narnia. He embodies goodness and righteousness. Aslan protects the creatures of Narnia from the White Witch.

White Witch (age late 20s to 40s) - Evil ice queen who uses her powers to turn creatures into stone. She is the main antagonist of the story.

Peter Pevensie (age 15 to early 20s) - Eldest sibling of the Pevensies. He is noble and courageous. Peter protects his younger siblings often and matures quickly while in Narnia.

Susan Pevensie (age 15 to early 20s) - Second oldest sibling. She is sweet, gentle and kind. Susan is very protective of her siblings, especially Lucy, and is seen as very brave.

Edmond Pevensie (age 10 to 14) - Youngest boy of the Pevensies. He is brash, a bit bratty and spiteful at the beginning of the story. Edmond is easily tempted by the White Witch and acts as a traitor to his siblings. However, he eventually sees the error of his ways.

Lucy Pevensie (age 9 to 14) - Youngest sibling. She is cheerful, kind and brave. Lucy is the first sibling to discover Narnia by falling through the magical wardrobe. She is very innocent, but courageous.

Mr. Tumnus (age 20s to 40s) - A faun (half man, half goat) who befriends Lucy when she first comes to Narnia. He is kind, sensitive and caring. Tumnus is petrified by the Witch early in the story because he did not capture Lucy.

Mr. Beaver (age 20s to 40s) - A beaver who is good friends with Mr. Tumnus. Mr. Beaver helps the siblings and acts as their guide through Narnia to Aslan.

Mrs. Beaver (age 20s to 40s) - Mr. Beaver's wife. She is kind, motherly and good-natured.

Dwarf (age 11 to 18) - The White Witch's right hand man.

Father Christmas (age 40s to 70s) - Also known as Santa Claus, he brings the siblings important gifts when Christmas comes to Narnia.

The Professor (age 40s to 70s) - The Pevensie's guardian. The Professor is kind, but mysterious. He takes in the siblings after they are relocated during World War II. He serves as the Narrator for the story.

Mrs. Macready (age 30s to 70s) - Professor's housekeeper.

Fenris Ulf (18 to 40s) - Chief of the White Witch's Secret Police. He is a Narnian Wolf. Very agile character.

Ensemble of Narnia Creatures (age 9 & up) - Ensemble members who make up all the creatures of Narnia such as leopards, centaur, deer, cheetah, dryads, naiads, wolves, hags and dwarves.