Charlotte's Web Auditions

Cast List

Fern - Emmie Mace

Arable - Bryson Dumas

Mrs. Arable - Meighan Smith

Avery - Henry Holmgren

Homer - Nels Holmgren

Lurvy - Alex Gunn

Wilbur - Larissa Anderson

Baby Wilbur - Natalie Nielsen

Templeton - Bryson Dumas

Charlotte - Amanda Van Orden

Goose - Meighan Smith

Gander - Grant Christopherson

Sheep - Trayven Call

Reporters/Farm Hands - Tennessee Tarrant, Joe Holmgren

Spectators/Judges - Grace Holmgren, Missy Stebbing

Baby Spiders - Gretta Hendrix, Samantha Ban, Avery Stebbing

Avery's Friends - Zack Allred, Cameron Liddle

Ensemble/Fair Goers - Alice Holmgren, Natalie Nielsen, Avery Stebbing, Samantha Ban, Gretta Hendrix

WHERE: Utah Children's Theatre STUDIOS: 3601 S State Street SLC, UT 84115 (Building to the north of the main theatre)

WHEN: Saturday, November 10th, 9:00am to 12:30pm (please sign up for an audition time below)

WHAT to BRING: Please make sure to bring a headshot and resume to the audition

WHO: Kids ages 8 to 18; Women ages 18 to 60; Men ages 18 to 70

PREPARATION: Please memorize one monologue found on the audition website.

CALLBACKS: Will be held by invitation the week in the evening.

Stipend available for actors 18+.

Any questions or concerns, email


Please pick ONE monologue to memorize for auditions.

Narrator: Shhh! Listen to the sounds of the morning. Very, very early morning. So early in fact, the sun isn’t even up yet. Listen to the crickets, the hoot-owls, a frog down by the pond. A dog up at the next farm. And today, there’s another sound. It tells that something exciting happened during the night. Some brand-new pigs were born.

Templeton: So this is our new resident. That’s right. Relax and enjoy yourself - while you can. Oh yes. They’ll treat you very well. And fatten you up very nicely. Then suddenly, one day, you wake up and it’s all over. Oh well, I will admit it’s nice to have a pig around the place again. That means leftover slops for me. I’m sure you’ll find it in your charitable little heart to share your food with dear old Templeton.

Lurvy: Morning pig. My name’s Lurvy. I’m Mr. Zuckerman’s helper. I’m the one that feeds you. Time for breakfast now. Skim milk, bits of doughnuts, wheatcakes with maple syrup and custard pudding with raisins. Yes sir, a meal fit for a pig! What’s wrong with you? We must have a sick pig here. Mr. Zuckerman! Come out to the barn!

Charlotte: Good night. What to do. What to do. I promised to save Wilbur’s life and I am determined to keep that promise. But how? Wait a minute. The way to save Wilbur is to play a trick on Zuckerman. If I can fool a bug, I can surely fool a man! People are not as smart as bugs. Of course. That’s it! This will not be easy, buy it must be done. First I tear a section out of the web and leave an open space int he middle. Now I shall weave new threads to take the place of the ones I removed. Swing spinnerets. Let out the thread. The longer it gets, the better it’s read. That’s it. Some Pig.

Wilbur: What did Lurvy see? There’s nothing here but me. That’s it. He saw me! He saw that I’m big and healthy and and ready to be made into HAM! They’re coming out here right now with guns and knives I just know it. What can I do? Wait! The fence that Lurvy patched up. Maybe it’s loose again. I have to get out. I have no choice. It’s either freedom or the frying pan. Chaarrrggeee!

Zuckerman: Some pig. I don’t believe it! I’m sure we’ll have lots of visitors today when word of this leaks out. I’ve got to call the minister right away and tell him about htis miracle. Then I’ll call the Arables. But first, I’ve got to tell Edith. She’ll never believe this! Edith! Edith!

Fern: Papa please don’t kill the piglet. It’s unfair! The pig couldn’t help being born small, could it? This is the most terrible case of injustice I ever heard of. You’ll let me take care of him? Oh thank you papa! My very own pig. Now I have to name you. A perfect name for a perfect pig. Fred. That’s a good name, but not for you. Clarence? No you don’t look like a Clarence. Maximillion? Because you’re worth a million to me! Maybe I’m trying too hard….Wilbur? Wait a minute. Wilbur! Wiillllbur! Wilbur. What a beautiful name.

Avery: Mother sent me to get you Fern. You’re going to miss supper. Who are you talking to? Who’s Charlotte? Oh! That spider is tremendous! That’s a fine spider. I’m going to capture it! I want that spider. Hey! Let go of my stick Fern. (Avery falls) That’s not fair. You and Wilbur ganged up on me. Wait what’s that smell? I think we broke a rotten egg. Good night, what a stink! Let’s get out of here.

Goose/Gander: A new idea? How how how about Pig Supreme? Or terrific terrific terrific! How do you spell terrific? I think it’s tee double ee double rr double eye double ff double eye double see, see, see, see, see. The goslings are hungry. I have to go find some worms, worms, worms to feed them.

Sheep: A new resident? Oh yeah. I overheard the Zuckermans discussing him. They plan to keep you nice and comfortable. And fatten you up with delicious slops. Just the same, we don’t envy you. You know why they want to make you fat and tender don’t you? You don’t? Well you’ll learn soon enough. About… nothing. Nothing at all. Nice to meet you Wilbur.

Ensemble Members: (looking at Wilbur at the County Fair) Well here’s a good-looking fellow. Zuckerman’s Famous Pig. Look at his silky white coat and his nice curly tail. I think he’s the finest pig we’ve seen today! I think I’ve heard of you. Aren’t you that radiant pig who’s supposed to be terrific? He seems to be very confident. Let’s go look at the horses and see if we can pick the winner over there!

Character Descriptions

Wilbur (age 16 to 30) - A pig who raised by Fern and lives on Zuckerman's farm. He is the protagonist of the story and is usually very emotional, kind and innocent. Can be played by a female actor.

Charlotte (age 18 to 40) - A black widow spider who helps save Wilbur from being killed by writing notes about him in her webs. She is very motherly and clever. Please note if have a gymnastic background and auditioning for Charlotte.

Fern Arable (age 10 to 15) - A young girl who adopts Wilbur when he was a piglet. She often visits Wilbur on Zuckerman's farm and is Zuckerman's niece. Fern grows up through the story and is the only human who can understand the speaking animals.

Homer Zuckerman (age 35 to 70) - Farmer who runs farm where Wilbur lives. His farm is the main location of the show. He capitalizes on Wilbur's fame after the messages in Charlotte's webs are reported on.

Templeton (age 16 to 30) - A rat who lives on the farm. Templeton only helps Charlotte and Wilbur when he is promised food. He is a bit selfish and a glutton, but serves as the comedic relief.

John Arable (age 35 to 50) - Fern's father who lets Fern raise Wilbur after she convinces him to let Wilbur live.

Avery Arable (age 11 to 16) - Fern's older brother. He is a destructive boy who doesn't share Fern's sensitivity for living beings or nature. He is very adventurous and carefree.

Lurvy (age 20 to 50) - A hired hand who works on Zuckerman's farm. He is the first person to find the messages in Charlotte's webs. Lurvy cares for Wilbur while he lives on the farm and is also seen as very clumsy.

Goose (age 20 to 50) - A stuttering goose who convinces Wilbur to escape during the story. She is protective of her eggs and wary of Templeton.

Gander (age 20 to 50) - His partner is Goose. Gander also stutters and is protective of his children. Gander threatens Templeton often.

Sheep (age 35 to 60) - An old sheep. She is wise and has lived on the farm the longest.

Narrator (age 18 to 60) - He or She tells the story to the audience. The Narrator must have strong story telling skills and be able to captivate a young audience.

Baby Wilbur (age 8 to 10) - Young version of Wilbur who is in the first scene.

Ensemble of Animals and Fair Goers (age 8 to 70) - The ensemble is made up of spectators, reporters, baby spiders, and other farm animals.