20,000 Leagues Auditions

WHERE: Utah Children's Theatre STUDIOS: 3601 S State Street SLC, UT 84115 (Building to the north of the main theatre)

WHEN: Saturday, January 5th, 9:30am to 12:30pm (please sign up for an audition time below)

WHAT to BRING: Please make sure to bring a headshot and resume to the audition

WHO: Women age 18 to 40; Men age 15 to 70

PREPARATION: Please memorize one side found on the audition website.

CALLBACKS: Will be held by invitation the following Monday in the evening.

Stipend available for actors 18+.

Any questions or concerns, email auditions@uctheatre.org.

Audition Sides - 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Important Note: Utah Children's Theater's adaptation of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is written as an episodic, serial adventure format ala "Flash Gordon" (popular during the 1950s). At the end of each scene, the characters are in peril, only to be saved heroically at the top of the next.

Nemo 1: There is nothing we need from the ignorant minds of the Upper World. And now you shall live here with me forever, is that understood? Don’t look so shocked. Actually, you’re in for quite an adventure. I’m about to embark on a journey twenty thousand leagues under hte sea that will take the Nautilus through ever ocean on the globe and before it is through, I will claim them all for my vast empire!

Nemo 2: 19,999 leagues. It’s all over! X marks the spot! Here for all the earthlings who said Nemo wouldn’t amount to anything! Ramming spurs on maximum warp-turbo destruction power! Down with the New York City Harbor and every boat in sight! I’ll show all the lame brained, feeble minded, idiotic, ignorant scientists of Upper Earth who is the most brilliant scientist of all! It’s Nemo! Nemo! Nemo! Absolute ruler of the watery deep! And it’s now all mine at 20,000 leagues under the sea!

Mr. Cockles: (Speaking to Nemo) We haven’t been to the surface for over two days, Captain. The air supply is running out. Nobody will be able to breath at all in a very short time! The engine won’t turn over, we can’t reach the surface! It’s no use Captain. We shall never see the surface again. The air is gone. Look at the air gauge. Zero minus ten. It’s too late!

Lily 1: (Speaking to Ned) My boss is really desperate Ned. You were right. The Hoboken Daily is about to stop the presses. He’s depending on me to bring home this scoop to save the paper. Speaking of home, do you think we’ll ever see New York again?

Lily 2: (Speaking to the Professor) Why here's a petrified specie of rare Plankton Plantonium Egretitus Rampunious! Oh, professor, don't give me away, please! I snuck aboard, dressed like this hoping to scoop the story of the monster for my newspaper, The Hoboken Daily but I'm afraid things have gotten a little out of hand!

Ned Land 1: (Speaking to his Editor and Cheif) The monster could be a hoax, but it sure sells papers! Captain Farragut wants me to join his expedition? And they want me to bring my harpoon? I used to dream of catching the big one, but not anymore. My wrist. It’s been a long time and I’ve lost my technique.

Ned Land 2: (Speaking to the Professor) Atlantis---I thought it was a myth!!! So this is how Nemo has become fabulously wealthy! He's nothing but a thief! Look, there's Nemo and some of the crew taking treasure---Quick Professor, let's search for clues to his plans while he's out there! Look! A log of Nemo's underwater discoveries and theories that have been rejected by the great scientific minds of the world! So there's the answer---Nemo want power, but what he's really after is revenge! I'm afraid that's what the big red "X" on the New York harbor is all about!

Consielo: (speaking to Ned) It's all this city living, we need to get out on the ocean again ----you didn't become on of New York's finest harpooners sitting at a news desk---it'll be like a vacation, Boss---out in the sea breeze, drinking cool drinks waiting to see mermaids!! Then are we packing Boss? You know there’s no one braver and fights better than me Boss!

Professor Arronax (Speaking to Ned): I don't know what Nemo’s after--he's fabulously wealthy how else could he have built this submarine--- but as to what he's planning---Listen Ned, it's Nemo playing that organ in the Salon! I think he's frightened of something---I'm not sure what it is but when you fought the Red Arachnea he seemed frightened of something bigger!!

Captain Farragut (Speaking to the press): We shall begin our search around Cape Horn and into the Pacific Ocean where the monster last attacked! We shall find the mysterious thing identify it, capture it or be captured by it! Our guns will be loaded and poised every moment, we shall treat this monster as a vessel of war!!

Character Descriptions

Captain Nemo (age 30s to 70s): The villain of the story and captain of the Nautilus submarine. Nemo captures the crew of the Lincoln as part of his plan to claim every ocean for his empire. He is in love with Lily Landing and is terrified of squid.

Mr. Cockles (age 20s to 40s): Nemo's right hand man and first mate. He taunts the Lincoln crew along with Nemo.

Lily Landing (age 18 to 40): A newspaper reporter sent to get the scoop on a mysterious sea monster. Lily is captured by Nemo with the other members of the Lincoln (which she boarded disguised as a man). She is in love with Ned Land and is a gifted oceanography student.

Ned Land (age 18 to 30s): The brave hero of the story. Ned is a New York Times news reporter sent to get the scoop on a mysterious sea monster. He becomes the leader of the Lincoln crew and faces off against Nemo throughout the story. Ned is in love with Lily and is the best harpoonist in New York City.

Consielo (age 18 to 30s): Ned's assistant and confidante. Consielo travels with Ned in hopes of seeing a mermaid. He describes himself as brave, but often flees from battle.

Professor Arronax (age 30s to 70s): A skilled oceanographer and former teacher to Lily and Ned. He was aboard the Lincoln when Nemo captured it. Arronax helps Ned throughout the adventure by uncovering Nemo's secrets. He uses his vast knowledge of the ocean to combat Nemo's plans.

Captain Farragut (age 40s to 70s): Captain of the Lincoln. He is sent to search for the sea monster that has been destroying ships and kill it.

Ensemble (age 15 to 70): Made up of newsies, Hoboken Editor and Chief, New York Times Editor and Chief, Reporters and Nemo's Crew.