Academic and Career Advancement

The Writing Hub offers a variety of writing support programs to graduate students at UC San Diego. Academic writing projects can be complex, long-term, and stressful. That’s why we build networks of support around graduate students to help them succeed in their writing and thrive in their programs. Our aim is to support your success and well-being, one writing project at a time!

Programs include:

+ GRADUATE WRITING CONSULTATIONS: Writing consultants will talk with you about your concerns with your writing project and to provide observations and actionable feedback for moving forward.

+ GRADUATE STUDENT WRITING WORKSHOPS: The hub’s workshops for graduate students are interactive sessions that combine content delivery, discussion, and interacting with writing through reading and practice.

+ GRADUATE WRITING RETREATS: The Writing Hub conducts multiple graduate writing retreats throughout the year. These 20-hour retreats give UCSD graduate students the tools, time, and space to make progress on a writing project. Through a combination of workshops, support, and dedicated writing time, graduate writing retreats help expand graduate students’ capacities as budding professional academic writers.

+ GRAD STUDENT WRITING DISCUSSION GROUPS: Discussion groups provide a collaborative environment for graduate students to support each other in the writing process. In group sessions, you will have the opportunity to receive feedback from fellow graduate students in a variety of disciplines. You will also support your peers by providing feedback on their writing project.

+ VIRTUAL WRITING ROOM: The (Virtual) Writing Room is a minimally structured, daily service for graduate students. The aim of the Writing Room is to give you time to “get away” and work on your writing project, in the quiet company of others. Bring a coffee, make progress on your project, and enjoy virtual community with other grad writers!

+ DISSERTATION WRITER’S WORKSHOP: The Dissertation Writer’s Workshop is a new pilot program from the Writing Hub, specifically intended for ABD graduate students who are in the process of writing their dissertations. The program consists of 3 sessions, each designed to demystify the dissertation and give advanced graduate students time and space to write in the company of their peers.

The Engaged Teaching Hub promotes student success through programs and resources that support graduate students in their teaching roles. Our goal is to inspire and advance teaching excellence through evidence-based, learner-centered, and equitable teaching practices.

Programs include:

+ INTERACTIVE WORKSHOPS: The hub encourages a scholarly approach to teaching that leverages the knowledge and experience faculty and graduate student instructors bring to their teaching. They achieve this by designing and facilitating workshops and learning experiences that foster community, innovation, and the exchange of ideas and resources to improve teaching and learning.

+ TEACHING OBSERVATIONS, CONSULTATIONS, AND DEPARTMENTAL SUPPORT: Engaged Teaching offers year round confidential teaching consultations and observations for all UC San Diego educators. We also offer departmental workshops on various teaching topics and tailored support for curriculum (re)design, peer review of teaching, and program assessment.

+ GRADUATE STUDENT SUPPORT: The Engaged Teaching Hub prepares Instructional Assistants (IA’s, which includes Teaching Assistants, Instructional Apprentices, Tutors, and Readers) for success in their teaching-related roles through workshops, consultations, and support for IA programs within their home departments. We support Graduate Students preparing to teach as Course Instructor, either at UC San Diego or in their future careers, including a pedagogy course, guidance in course design, and learning communities during the teaching experience.

+ EFL SUPPORT: Additionally, Engaged Teaching assists non-native English speaking TA’s and instructors at UC San Diego with developing their language and cultural awareness in order to teach effectively.

UC San Diego librarians are available to help with your research needs—whatever they may be!

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) exists to advocate for the rights and interests of our diverse community, to provide for the enjoyment of social, cultural, and service-oriented events, and for the betterment of academic and non-academic life of all graduate and professional students at UC San Diego.

The Graduate Student Association represents the interests and concerns of graduate and professional students on campus, locally, systemwide, statewide, and on national levels. Through various activities and programming, GSA enriches the lives of graduate and professional students and advances their interests politically, academically, and socially.

As you think about what’s to come in your professional journey, remember the Career Center can be one part of your strategy. We have dedicated graduate career coaches here to help you find the right path for you, give advice on application documents, and share strategies to get the most out of your offer.

+ CAREER COACHING: Meet with a dedicated graduate student career coach who can help you discover your career interests and determine your next steps. Explore opportunities at workshops and events. Take a mock interview and hone your skills.

+ EXPLORE YOUR OPTIONS: Check out career paths in academia and beyond. Identify the transferrable skills you’ve developed as a grad student. Gain experiences to help you stand out.

+ APPLYING FOR JOBS: Develop your resume, CV, and cover letter. Network with alumni and industry professionals. Get help negotiating your job offer. And, take advantage of lifelong professional development.

Some quarters grad division will offer free UCSD extensions vouchers for graduate students to take classes through the extension program, these classes can range from arts classes to professional certificates.

grAdvantage empowers graduate students and postdoctoral scholars to achieve professional success by building community, developing career competencies and confidence, and exploring diverse pathways to employment.

Programs include:

+ COMMUNICATING YOUR RESEARCH: This intensive multi-day workshop will enhance participants’ abilities to vividly articulate their research and inspire audiences. Participants will incorporate storytelling, metaphor and gestures while practicing innovative communication of their research. During the final day of the workshop, participants will be filmed by an expert interviewer and camera crew in a setting that resembles a professional media capture environment.

+ GSA CAREER NIGHTS: Each quarter the Graduate Student Association partners with grAdvantage to host Career Nights featuring alumni panels and networking time with a focus on building professional connections.

+ LEADERSHIP AND TEAMWORK CERTIFICATE: In today’s job market, an increasing number of companies seek candidates with strong “soft skills” to complement their technical skills and expertise. Regardless of the field, qualities such as solid communication skills, self-awareness, time management, and the ability to function on diverse and collaborative teams are highly sought-after. The UC San Diego Extension Specialized Certificate in Leadership and Teamwork is designed to equip participants with those skills to help them excel in any working environment.