Rocks Beta 7

Welcome to Rocks 7 - Beta.

The purpose of the beta is to improve Rocks to support CentOS version 7. This should not be used on production hardware.

How to help

  1. Report bugs/issues. Use the rocks7-beta google group for first report. ( You need to be a member of the group to post questions. ( All posts are public, see!forum/rocks7-beta
  2. Submit pull requests through github (
  3. Be patient

Getting Started:

What's NOT available ?

  • The is not "scheduler" roll. It's on the todo list.
  • restore rolls are completely untested (and probably don't work, so don't try). Ethernet device names are completely different.
  • rocks-console when installing subordinate nodes. You can ssh to the node during installation for text-based access
    • You can also set install headless and then use SSH to tunnel the nodes xVNC connection (ssh <node> -L 5901:localhost:5901
  • CD/DVD-based rolls. All rolls must come from a network server ( for this)