Katherine (Kati) Hout

University of California, San Diego


I am a linguist who recently completed my PhD at UC San Diego. I'm a field worker who primarily studies African languages, and I describe myself as a data-driven theoretical phonologist; I believe that high-quality data from a variety of sources and methodologies is necessary for the development of high-quality theory.

My main research interests are phonology-lexicon interactions, especially with respect to morphophonological exceptionality and related topics (e.g. loanword adaptation, variation). My dissertation research focuses on exceptions in phonology from a number of different angles:

  • Ontological/Epistemological – what are "exceptions," and how do we identify them?
  • Typological – what types of exceptional patterns do our theories predict, and what types are actually attested?
  • Theoretical – how should phonological theory handle exceptions?

Please see my Research or CV for more information on past and current projects.

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