Bioregional Imagination


GOALS: Advocate Bioregional Imagination and justice in teaching, research, and action. Bioregional Imagination is as much historical and cultural as it is economic and ecological. The Bioregional action agendas that I concentrate on most include:

1. Transitioning to Climate-Friendly, Resilient and Regenerative Development : Couple human and natural systems in planning, design, and development that is socio-ecologically and culturally rooted in just and healthy placemaking. This includes co-evolving land ethics and land management needed to improve urban-rural relations.

2. Democratizing Science, Policy-making, and Planning: Establish trusted community-university relationships and projects that propagate bi-directional flows of knowledge, learning, and resources--among students, researchers, and diverse community participants--in equitable, inclusive, and demos-strengthening ways.

3. Fostering Equity in Information and Communication Technologies: Bridge the digital divide between universities and underserved communities in matters of public concern and justice. This includes creating new means of cyber-social connectivity for well-informed participatory planning; effective research communication using data visualization and storytelling; and inclusive decision-making processes that are equitable and diverse.

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Bioregional Manifesto

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Bioregional Survival

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Bioregional Center