CTD Sensors

STARC works closely with each Science Party to determine their CTD requirements and select the appropriate sensor suite. During the Cruise Planning process a questionnaire is filled out by the Chief Scientist identifying the STARC sensors they wish to use and specifying any additional instrumentation they would like to integrate into the CTD electronics. Below you will find information on the basic sensors provided by STARC on USCGC Healy.

Copy of datasheet-32-Jul16.pdf

SBE 32 - Water Sampler

Copy of datasheet-911plus-Jun16.pdf

SBE911 Plus - CTD Profiler

Copy of datasheet-05T-05P-Jun16.pdf

SBE 5T - Pumps

Copy of datasheet-04-Jun15.pdf

SBE4C - Conductivity

Copy of datasheet-03s-May15.pdf

SBE3S - Reference Temp

Copy of datasheet-03plus-May15.pdf

SBE3 Plus - Temperature

Copy of datasheet-43-Jun16.pdf

SBE 43 - Dissolved Oxygen

Copy of datasheet_cstar.pdf

C-Star Transmissometer