Autosal Datasheet.pdf

Guildline 8400

STARC maintains and calibrates the onboard Guildline 8400 Autosal. This instrument is used to take very fine measurements of seawater salinity. The science party is responsible for operating the system and "running the salts". STARC can provide operational guidance and troubleshooting. To ensure accurate results each run of salts must be calibrated using IAPSO standard seawater. The science party is responsible for sourcing and providing enough IAPSO water for the intended sampling plan for the duration of their cruise.

STARC provides the salinity sample bottles used to draw samples from the CTD or underway Science Seawater system. A windows laptop with MatLab software is also available for data acquisition.

Requests for the Autosal should be coordinated through STARC in the early stages of the Cruise Planning process.

Technical Manual 8400B-L-00.pdf