Laboratory Spaces

Healy is outfitted with multi-use laboratories, refrigerated science spaces, two climate control spaces, and a number of assembly and staging areas.

Main Lab

The Main Science Lab (compartment number 1-117-0-q) has a deck area of approximately 1233 square feet. It features unistrut fixtures, and worktops with overhead racks for maximum flexibility. From the main lab immediate access is available to the hazardous materials locker, wet lab, dry assembly area, aft working deck, and three science working vans.

The main lab is equipped with 2x steel tub sinks with outlets for hot and cold potable water, science sea water, and Milli-Q distilled water.

Wet Lab

The science Wet Lab (compartment number 1-117-1-q) has a deck area of approximately 390 square feet. The wet lab has access to the science freezer, science refrigerator, and bio-chemical analysis lab through a vestibule.

Wet lab is equipped with multiple worktop surfaces. The aft bulkhead has a 72" worktop with steel tub sink with outlets for hot and cold potable water, science sea water, and Milli-Q distilled water. The forward bulkhead has a 96" worktop and double steel tub sink with outlets for hot and cold potable water, and science sea water.

Bio Chem Lab

The Biological-Chemical Analysis lab (compartment number 1-105-3-q) has approximately 310 square feet of deck area. The lab is provided with hot and cold potable water, distilled water, filtered oil-free air, uncontaminated seawater, and flow-thru science seawater system connection points.

Access to the climate controlled chambers, wet lab, and weather-deck is provided through vestibules.

The Bio-Chem lab is equipped with one continuous worktop along starboard bulkhead with sink on forward bulkhead. The starboard side Science Seawater system is installed at this sink location and includes: 1x fluorometer, 1x thermosalinograph, 1x vortex de-bubbler, and oxygen sensor. There is a fume hood on the aft bulkhead

climate controlled chambers

Two Climate Controlled Chambers, #1 (compartment 1-105-1-q) and #2 (compartment 1-113-1-q) each have 103 square feet of deck area. Entry to both chambers is through a 75 square foot vestibule accessed from the Biological-Chemical Analysis lab. Both chambers are independently capable of operating as either a cold room or warm room. The temperature range for both chambers is from -10 to 35 degrees Celsius with a tolerance of 1 degree celsius. Humidity is controlled over the range of 20 percent to 95 percent relative humidity with a tolerance of 5 percent. When chamber temperatures are above 40 degrees Fahrenheit the HVAC control system for the chambers provides filtered air and includes alarms for abnormal conditions. Temperature and humidity data is monitored on the science data network

science freezer

The Science Freezer (compartment 1-117-2-a) shown in has approximately 266 square feet of deck area and is used to store core samples of various sizes at a constant temperature of -18 degrees. The science freezer is accessed from the Wet Lab.

science refrigerator

The science refrigerator (compartment 1-114-0-a) has approximately 169 square feet of deck area. It is accessed from the Main Lab and is nominally set to between 5-16 degrees Celcius.

NOTE: both of the freezer and refrigerator have coil defrost cycles that require the coils to be heated to melt any frost that builds up. Any time the coils are heated to melt the ice there will be heat admitted to the space which will raise the temperature somewhat.

Lab Power

The following sensitive power types are provided to the science labs:

    • 120 vac 60 hz type i
    • 230 vac 60 hz type i
    • 120 vac 60 hz type i with surge spike suppression

Staging Bays

The aft science staging bay is located portside-aft of the main science lab it has a 10' by 17' foot opening equipped with a roller curtain door on one side. The deck is provided with deck socket tie down fittings.

The starboard science staging bay encompasses two deck levels providing a clear vertical height of 23 feet and approximately 325 square feet of deck area. It is equipped with an overhead traveling bridge crane with direct access to the starboard working deck and A-frame. Access doors provide entry to both the wet lab and the dry assembly area through 72" wide by 78" high openings which are free of coamings. For CTD operations a track system is installed to move the CTD package in/out of the staging bay.

Both the aft and starboard science staging areas are equipped with deck drains for washing down of equipment.