Science Mission Planning

STARC works closely with the USCGC Healy officers and crew to plan and coordinate each science mission. This process begins far in advance of the Science Cruise and continues until Healy departs for the Arctic field season. Station plans, equipment requests, and overboard operations are discussed in detail to ensure an efficient and safe mission.

The UNOLS Cruise Planner is the primary tool for science mission planning and is supplemented by regular tele-conferences or ship visits as needed.

The details of each Science Mission are uploaded to the Healy section of the UNOLS Cruise Planner. Access to the Cruise Planner and content is only provided to the Science Party, Science Collaborators, STARC and USCGC Healy. To view cruise details a login is required and access is granted at the discretion of the Chief Scientist.

If you have questions please contact the Arctic Cruise Coordinator at Scripps Institution of Oceanography or the USCG Science Liaison