may 27 - june 5, 2020

UC San Diego Supercomputer Center

The 30th EEGLAB Workshop has been postponed until summer 2021. Stay tuned to the EEGLAB home page and email list, however. We are considering mounting a new Online EEGLAB Workshop, timing to be determined.

The 30th EEGLAB Workshop will take place from May 27 through June 5, 2020 at the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) of the University of California San Diego (UCSD) in La Jolla, CA. The main workshop will introduce and demonstrate the use of EEGLAB and EEGLAB plug-in tools for performing analysis of EEG and related data, with overview talks on principles of EEG data analysis, detailed method expositions, and practical exercises. For the first time, the EEGLAB workshop will have three parts - and will also be followed by workshops on multi-modal Mobile Brain/Body Imaging (MoBI).

Pre-workshop Tutorials - For the first time we will offer two optional introductory tutorials for those who are new to programming or EEG, or would like more detailed introductions in preparation for the workshop. The curricula are designed to cover fundamentals commonly challenging to previous novice EEGLAB Workshop attendees. Matlab Programming and Mathematics Fundamentals (Day 1 - May 27) focuses on foundational MATLAB coding and mathematics, while EEG Fundamentals (Day 2 - May 28) focuses on core concepts of EEG, such as biophysics, data collection, ICA-preprocessing, and data analysis methods. Participants may register for either or for both days. Spaces are limited! For more information, click here.

The EEGLAB Workshop - The main workshop will begin with an open house reception and poster sharing session the evening of Friday, May 29 (5-8 pm) and will then run from Saturday morning, May 30 through Tuesday noon, June 2. Participants will be expected to bring laptops with MATLAB installed to allow them to participate in practicum sessions.

Post-workshop Data Collaboratory - For the first time we will offer an opportunity for no more than 20 participants who have experience in writing MATLAB scripts and have their own EEG project data to participate in an intensive two-and-a-half day post-workshop small group 'data collaboratory' (June 3-5) whose goal will be to assist participants in building one or more data analysis pipelines to achieve their research goals. To expose the diversity of perspectives on data analysis goals and methods, participants will be asked to share their questions and solutions with the group. Those with interest please fill out an application here - we will contact you by email with more information.

Follow-on opportunities: Following the EEGLAB Workshops, the Swartz Center will host two conferences of possible interest to workshop participants. On Sunday, June 7, the 2nd Hands-On LSL Workshop on the Lab Streaming Layer (LSL) software framework will explore the uses of the open source LSL tools to perform synchronous multimodal data collection from any collection of devices with digital output. LSL tools and device drivers are available for an increasing number of EEG and other recording systems.

The Fourth International MoBI Conference (June 7-10) on current research using mobile brain/body imaging will begin with an open house reception on Sunday, June 7 (5-8 pm) and then run through Wednesday, June 10. This meeting follows the successful third MoBI Conference in Berlin, 2018. Abstract submissions are open and encouraged!

NSF Workshop on Group Brain Dynamics (June 11). John Iversen is organizing an NSF-sponsored workshop to discus the state of the art in simultaneous recording and anslysis of the activity of multiple brains.

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