About the Workshop and UC San Diego

23rd EEGLAB Workshop

UC San Diego, La Jolla, California, USA

November 8-12, 2018 following the Society for Neuroscience meeting in San Diego

The 28th EEGLAB Workshop will take place at the San Diego Supercomputer (SDSC) from Thursday evening, November 8th through Monday, November 12th at San Diego Supercomputer Center of the University of California San Diego, La Jolla, CA, USA.

Participants will be expected to bring laptops with Matlab installed to enable participation in practicum sessions.

The workshop will introduce and demonstrate the use of EEGLAB and EEGLAB plug-in tools for performing analysis of EEG and related data, with overview talks on principles of EEG data analysis, detailed method expositions, and practical exercises.

The program will begin with an open house reception and poster sharing session the evening of the 8th (5:00-8:00 pm), the day following the end of the Society for Neuroscience meeting in downtown San Diego.

The EEGLAB Workshop will span Thursday through Monday of the Veterans Day holiday weekend.

The workshop will end at 12:00 pm noon on Monday, Nov. 12th.