January 11 & 12, 2020 North Campus, UC San Diego

The 2020 TACTICAL URBANISM DESIGNATHON will address areas on the UC San Diego campus that have become unsafe for pedestrians and micro-mobility users due to vehicle speed, behavior, and/or volume. Designathon teams will be supported by professional mentors in creating rapid prototypes of tactical urbanism interventions designed to reduce risk. They will then have the unique opportunity to evaluate and implement these interventions following the event. Projects will incorporate elements of placemaking, multimodal transportation, public health and safety, technology, and innovation, ensuring a holistic and immediate approach to the conditions we face on campus today.

What is a Designathon?

Designathons invite teams to develop visionary concepts, designs, and prototypes that solve real world problems over the course of a few days. Inspired by the hackathon model of rapid creation through a spirit of collaboration and competition, Designathons incorporate human-centered design principles of observing users, understanding deep problems, combining evidence and experience, testing and iteration. Mentors, judges, and partners from academia, industry and public institutions support the team’s design and technical process throughout the event. The first Designathon on the topic of People-Centered Mobility was held in partnership with MIT City Science in October of 2018.

Who can participate?

Undergraduates, graduate students, high school students, neighbors, designers, engineers, technologists, media-makers, urban planners, artists, future users, and youth are all welcome to participate. Teams will be made up of 3-7 participants. Fully-formed teams, partial teams, and individuals are all welcome to register. All teams will be supported by mentors and have immediate access to the University officials from the offices that will approve implementation.