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Stable Isotope Laboratory

UCSC SiL performs light stable isotope ratio analysis for researchers from UCSC and around the world. Explore the analysis services we offer to support your research.

δ13CCO3 δ18OCO3

δ13C δ15N

C & N amount

δ13C δ15N

Compound specific isotope analysis



δ2Hw δ18Ow



These eight images from nature (planktic foraminifera, squid, copepod, diatom, shark tooth, snowflake, giant clam, nudibranch) are examples of just a few of the many and varied sample types that UCSC SiL has analyzed in support of research by UCSC scientists and researchers from around the world. We support the research of geologists, ecologists, oceanographers, biologists, environmental scientists, physical anthropologists, planetary scientists, as well as researchers from any other natural history or physical science discipline with stable isotope applications.