A 4 player couch coop game where you try to push blocks on other players

I work as a technical artist on the game where I am the link between the art side of the team and the programming side. I create VFX and use my Unity knowledge to help where I'm needed.

Black Hole Effect Demo

Simple Duck

A startup making mobile playable ads. Here I optimize assets, develop ads, and spearheaded learning the technology to make 3d payables.

Golf Clash Example (takes a moment to load)

Immersive VR experience of Ancient Egypt Saqqara exploring the Tomb of Psamtek!

A VR / Couch Coop hybrid game where players on the couch use controllers to work with the VR player in a fast paced factory to deliver orders.

I lead the technical side of the project working with digital historians to allow an old space to be remembered in a new way.

Did extensive research to create a model of the ancient Greek city of Priene an did a report detailing how a 3D recreation helps us understand the inner workings of the society based on proximity of key locations.

Designed and Coded the updated DSC website over the summer

I prototypes and did the art in Photoshop using Noun Project Assets

Videos : Generative Design and Modeling

Night Light

A personal project I did working with music recognition, procedural generation, and reactive environments.

Coded a Pacman Ai to play CTF pacman against other Ai using Python

Jejune - CMPM 120 Game

Programmed the characteristic system, cut-scene system, created music and created art for the intro.

Art! 2D and 3D