Kalopsia is an undergraduate philosophy journal based in the University of California, Santa Cruz. Dedicated to the seeking of truth, beauty, and their potential disjunction, Kalopsia accepts visual art, poetry, and philosophical papers that demonstrate this pursuit. It is a space for UCSC undergraduates to display their scholarship, learn from their peers, and become a part of a shared academic experience. All topics of inquiry are welcome, and undergraduates from all disciplines are encouraged to submit their work.


Spring 2017

The Spring 2017 edition of Kalopsia is now accessible online!

About this edition: This first edition of Kalopsia, consisting of 3 pieces, represents our first effort to set a foundation for the future of this journal. We would like to thank the philosophy department for all of their help as well as all the people who submitted their work and made this journal possible. We are very pleased with the submissions we received and are proud to include them in our edition. We look forward to continuing the work of Kalopsia and making it a lasting aspect of our undergraduate community.

How is the journal published?

The Spring 2017 edition of Kalopsia, the journal's first publication, is published online. Another online edition is planned for Fall 2017 that will be followed up in the Winter of 2018 by a print edition of Kalopsia 2017, which will contain works from the Spring and Fall 2017 online publications and be distributed around the UCSC campus.



a condition, state, or delusion in which things appear more beautiful than they really are"

For inquiries about submission, becoming an editor, or general concerns, please email kalopsiaucsc@gmail.com