Immersion Grating Near-Infrared Spectrograph for Keck

The Immersion Grating Near-Infrared Spectrograph (IGNIS) is a proposed instrument for Keck Observatory. We propose to duplicate the Giant Magellan Telescope Near-Infrared Spectrograph (GMTNIRS; a first-generation instrument for the GMT) to provide the Keck community with a high-resolution NIRSPEC replacement that is more sensitive, stable and efficient. A seeing-limited version of GMTNIRS for Keck, named IGNIS, will have no moving parts and observe the entire 1.07-5.4µm spectrum, of a single object, at once. IGNIS will have nominal slit dimensions of ~0.4’’x4’’ and R ~ 45,000 if we duplicate the GMTNIRS design. These numbers are changeable if the science requirements motivate it.

Below, we include links to our 2019 Keck White Paper and the 2019 Keck Science Meeting Breakout Session Slides.

2019 Keck White Paper

Keck 2019 White Paper_shared.pdf

2019 Keck Science Meeting Breakout Session Slides