Austronesian Group is a reading group dedicated to engaging with material on any Austronesian language or group of Austronesian languages.

UCSC Linguistics

Spring quarter meetings

In the Spring quarter, we will meet from 1:00-2:00pm in the LCR on the following Fridays only:

  • Friday, May 17
  • Friday, May 31

At our first meeting this quarter (May 17), Richard, Jake, and Jed will each spend 20 minutes presenting the following chapters from Blust (2013):

  • Richard: Ch. 4 "Sound systems" (pp. 169-276)
  • Jake: Ch. 5 "The lexicon" (pp. 277-354)
  • Jed: Ch. 6 "Morphology" (pp. 355-441)
  • Jake: Quick overview of Ch. 7 "Syntax" (pp. 442-518)

3/15/19, 11:00am in Stevenson 217

Planning meeting: 3/1/19, 11:00am in Stevenson 217

Our first meeting happened on Friday, March 1, 2019 at 11:00am in Stevenson 217. We decided that AnG will meet biweekly and settled on our first set of readings:

  • Chen & McDonnell (2019) will be presented on 3/15/19 by Jake. This will be the last meeting of Winter Quarter.
  • In Week 1 of Spring Quarter, Jed, Jake, and Richard will present Chs. 4-7 of Blust's (2013) The Austronesian Languages. We will also assume that everyone has read Ch. 2 "A bird's eye view of the Austronesian language family".