UCR Student-Produced Web Series 

University of California, Riverside Student-Produced Web Series Initiative

Created in the Producing Episodic Content Courses at the Department of Theater, Film and Digital Production (TFDP)

TFDP's Episodic Content Courses guide students in the creation of short web series. The initiative aims to provide students with practical skills to work in the entertainment industry by taking them through a production model that emulates the way series are professionally produced for television and streaming services.

Students go through the entire production cycle of up to four episodes per series, including conception, development, writing, producing, directing, shooting, and editing. Essential to the process are the Writers Rooms, which are led by the students who create each series.

On this site, you will find the process of creating seven web series, including The Friend Group, The Resistance, and Overthink It. The COVID-19 pandemic shut down the production of the last two episodes of Overthink It. Four of the series were conceived and filmed during the pandemic's lockdown in the spring of 2020. The Pandemic Web Series are A Tinderfella Story, Dedicated to the One I Love, Die Somewhere Pretty, and Going the Distance.

The courses were created in 2018 by UCR Professor and Filmmaker Patricia Cardoso based on her extensive experience in the entertainment industry. She has been developing and teaching them since the inception of the program. In 2020, Professor Stu Krieger began the "Creating the Web Series" class for students to develop and write the series to be shot. In 2023, the web series was adopted as our official department film project and began to be taught by Professor and Cinematographer William Wolheb.

Students on set of The Friend Group. The first series produced at UC Riverside. Creator Kalyn Lee (right), director Sydney Sharwtz (left), Assistant Director Erendira Alvarez (center).

The Process

In this site you can find, for each series, the evolution of the the scripts, visual presentations by directors, cinematographers, costume designers, and other crew members, different cuts of the episodes and other documents that illustrate the work done by the students.

Integral to this initiative is UCR's mission of creating a world of equality and inclusion in front and behind the camera.

Students on set of Overthink It.