Christopher Tino

Graduate Student (PhD)

Lyons Biogeochemistry Lab

NASA Astrobiology Institute: Alternative Earths Team

University of California, Riverside

My current research is focused on the biogeochemistry of acid and alkaline lakes, both in the ancient and modern. In particular, I aim to explore the astrobiological implications of transient lake systems that move along pH gradients as they develop. Multiproxy isotope approaches can be used to trace these gradients in the rock record, while uncovering the role microbes play in mediating early diagenetic features provides insight into modern systems.

With a background in microbiology, my graduate studies are my first extended exposure to the earth sciences. The interdisciplinary combination of these subjects provides me with an opportunity to explore ideas which greatly motivate me: novel biosignature development, microbial ecosystem evolution, microbial photosystem biochemistry, and many more.

In terms of things that can actually be seen with the naked eye, I'm an avid reader and will always be planning my next hike. Unfortunately for everyone else, I am a Boston sports fan.

Geology Building 1278