Prof. Michael Pirrung

Department of Chemistry

UC Riverside

Michael Pirrung is an organic chemist with research in the areas of chemical biology, synthesis, and nucleic acids. He trained in the labs of Clayton Heathcock at UC-Berkeley and Gilbert Stork at Columbia. He is a pioneer in the field of microarrays, which were an important post-genomic technology and underlie some next-generation sequencing methods. Recent interests include medicinal chemistry of bioactive natural products and biological assays using novel optical methods.

Distinguished Professor of Chemistry

Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences, UC-Irvine

Member, Stem Cell Center

Member, Center for Plant Cell Biology

Member and Steering Committee, Center for Molecular and Translational Medicine

I am currently seeking candidates for a postdoctoral position in my lab. The primary areas of expertise needed are protein engineering, enzymology, and allied fields. This research will be diverse, working in both fundamental bioorganic chemistry and photochemistry, as well as drug discovery. The position will also offer extremely appealing salary and benefits under the new structure that the University of California offers postdocs. 

Contact info:

Department of Chemistry - 027

University of California

Riverside, CA 92521-0403

Office: 448 Chemical Sciences

Phone 951-827-2722