Jerlyn L. Swiatlowski

PhD Candidate | University of California, Riverside | Geophysics

About Me

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I am currently a UC Riverside PhD Candidate in the Earth Sciences Department, studying fault creep in northern California. I graduate from California State University, East Bay, with a BS in Physics where I pursued internships in physics (in one of my professors physics labs), in geology (at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln), and in geophysics (the Summer of Applied Geophysical Experience). All of these internships helped me decide that I wanted to go to graduate school and pursue a project in depth, which lead me to UCR working with Dr. Gareth Funning on active tectonics.

If you have any questions on my research, or about going to graduate school, being a graduate student, how to get the most out of your graduate time - email me! I am happy to talk!

I study fault creep through 3 different approaches; the distribution of it along northern California faults using geodetic techniques, how it is affecting urban areas through offseting sidewalks, and understanding the frictional properties of a creeping fault.

What is fault creep?

Fault creep is where a fault slowly slips without creating large earthquakes. The expression of fault creep can be seen within cities through offset sidewalks.