Jerlyn L. Swiatlowski

PhD Candidate | University of California, Riverside | Geophysics

Selfie with an offset sidewalk (Fremont, CA)

Hi Everyone!

I am a Geophysics graduate student at the University of California, Riverside. My research revolves around understanding fault creep along Northern California Faults from many different approaches:

  • using InSAR to map the extent of fault creep in Northern California
  • modeling the InSAR results to understand the deformation at depth.
  • rock mechanic experiments on the frictional properties of fault gouge collected from a creeping segment of the Bartlett Springs fault
  • using photogrammetry to document fault creep expressed along main roads through offset sidewalks along the Hayward fault (left picture)

Fault creep is where faults slowly moves without creating large earthquakes. Expression can be seen at the surface, especially within cities on the fault such as the picture of me (above) with an offset sidewalk in Fremont, CA.

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