computational neuroimaging and neuroengineering symposium

a 1-day, single-track synergistic meeting to bridge neuroscience, computer science, electrical & computer engineering, bio(medical)engineering, and computational psychology

November 30, 2018

UC Riverside Alumni Center

Congratulations to our student/trainee prize winners!

Best oral presentation:

Long-range temporal correlations in EEG as a marker of treatment response for infantile spasms

Rachel J. Smith, Hernando C. Ombao, Shaun A. Hussain, Daniel W. Shrey, & Beth A. Lopour, University of California Irvine

Best poster:

Identifying multivariate patterns for illusory color perception using decoded fMRI neurofeedback

JD Knotts, Aurelio Cortese, Hakwan Lau, & Mitsuo Kawato, University of California Los Angeles

Thanks for coming! CNNS 2018 was a great success, with over 80 attendees. See you next year!

meeting goals:

to share exciting new advances in neuroimaging

to identify new questions and current challenges

to promote new collaborations and approaches

three keynote speakers: Jack Gallant, Laurent Itti, & Angela Yu!

contributed talks


student prizes

and ... coffee!

CNNS has been featured in an article by the Highlander.

made possible by the UC Riverside Office of the Provost