One last flight

by Stephen Herrera

To some it might just be the final home game. To others it may just be another game in the season. But to the players it’s so much more than "Senior Night."

It is a night to recognize those moving on from high school and those entering their next stage in life. A night to honor those who showed commitment to their sport, those who showed compassion and sportsmanship throughout the years, and those who have been leaders and captains for those underclassmen. Another way to appreciate and merit every senior's athletic achievements and accomplishments.

Over the past three years, the Yellow Jackets have had a rough reputation when it came to football, going an unfortunate 9 - 20 record. Coming into this year's season, the team was doubted by everyone; no one thought they were going to be able to accomplish much. Now being undefeated at home and earning a record of 6-4, all season the Yellow Jackets have proved everyone wrong. They continue to look fierce moving forward with the season. With just one more home game in the season the Yellow Jackets took the field one last time.

At the start of the game everyone was filled with joy as they looked to take on Trinity Christian and secure yet another home win. Although there was exhilaration in the air, it did not stop the gloominess felt by many others. As seniors entered the field locking arms with teammates and escorted by their families, sadness was lifted into the air. These tears of sadness mixed with tears of joy all showed the true compassion and dedication by each and everyone of these players. The look of determination these players had walking onto the field slowly realizing they had one last chance to prove themselves were absolutely astonishing.

Unfortunately, not all seniors could be there as the effects of Covid had a couple of seniors quarantined. However, that did not stop them from being appreciated. A beautiful ceremony was held as each and every senior was recognized for their athletic ability, educational achievements and aspirations for their upcoming journeys in life.

Starting off the game a bit shaky, the Jackets struggled to move the ball up the field. Defense was making great stops and were able to keep Trinity Christian at zero points as well. Going into the second quarter the Jackets were able to get their drives going as they were able to score a touchdown as well as a field goal, leading the jackets up 10-0 over Trinity Christian going into the second half.

Going into the half, the Jackets were fired up and ready to extend that lead scoring two more touchdowns and putting them up 24 -0. The energy of the crowd as well as the student section were immense and brought so much life and spirit. Being down 24 points made Trinity Christian work harder and motivated them into their next drive in which they capitalized and scored a touchdown as well as a two point conversion knocking them back into the game. This didn't stop the Jackets from clapping back and scoring yet another touchdown. The Jackets closed the game out with a score of 31- 8 as they were able to put seven more points up in the fourth quarter.

With state playoffs coming soon, the Yellow Jackets look forward to continuing working hard in preparation for their first playoff game against Providence Grove. Hoping for the victory the Jackets must work their way through five more tough games in hopes of becoming the NCHSAA Football State Champions for the first time in over 20 years!

The Brotherhood developed between these teammates is incredible. From Strangers to teammates, teammates to friends, and eventually friends to brothers, there are no obstacles these young men can’t overcome.

We look forward to seeing what these young men will accomplish with their futures, and wish them the best of luck as they graduate and get ready to lift off and take one last flight.

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