October Teacher

of the Month

by Will Guion

Forest Hills Journalism is bringing back the Teacher of the month feature. After sending out a poll to all students and receiving many responses, the general consensus is that the honor of Teacher of the Month of October should go to Ms. Katie Lefler.

Lefler is a math teacher here at Forest Hills, and many students know her as one to always go the extra mile, whether that means teaching math in different styles for different students or staying late after school for tutoring. When asked about why Lefler should be the recipient of the Forest Hills teacher of the month award, senior Alexis Hardgrove had this to say, “She’s always so jolly and caring and outgoing, and that’s kind of hard having a class full of seniors and being a teacher in general sometimes!”

Lefler is definitely outgoing and tries to get her students to understand the topic or subject that she is teaching more, even if it means teaching it in different ways for different students. “I just try and explain the math the way that I understood it. Math was never my strongest section in school but I learned it in different ways and that is how I try to teach it,” remarked Lefler.

Lefler found her love of teaching from a current co-worker of hers, Mrs. Lisa Meier. Meier was one of her math teachers at Sun Valley High School. “I went to Sun Valley, that is where I graduated from, and Mrs. Sue Wasco and Mrs. Lisa Meir, who actually works here now, they taught me Statistics and Calculus, and their math class was not the typical math class with boring lectures; there was life and energy. During my junior and senior years, all of my math classes were boring until then, and I had never seen a fun math class and I was just sitting there like I can do this, I can make math fun.”

Lefler does everything she can to make the learning environment better for all of her students and that is why she is a great choice by the students at Forest Hills to be October’s Teacher of the Month.

Breast Cancer awareness

by Cheyenne Ruiz

October at Forest Hills High School is a fun time for students and staff. Halloween coming up at the end of the month and the fun activities the school has is definitely a source, but most importantly it is how Jacket Nation participates in Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Here at the Hills, many staff and students showed their spirit by wearing pink on Friday the October 29 in support of the special cause for this month. Our school’s football team even made sure to wear pink during their game that night. Specifically a teacher at Forest Hills High School, Ms. Katie Lefler explained her viewpoint on this month. “I think it’s very important to support big causes, especially breast cancer awareness because it affects so many people, and to raise awareness about such a scary and detrimental disease is important. The school spirit side of things is just awesome because it’s great to raise awareness in a fun way! You get to dress up for a day and look silly and pink out but you are also raising awareness all at the same time so it’s like the perfect double whammy!” said Lefler.

“It was super impressive because the first week it was the teachers participating in the pink out then the second week it was the students doing the pink out so we basically had two Fridays in a row where our school was decked out in pink."

Seeing both teachers and students participate was a great thing to experience as it felt like the whole school came together to support and raise awareness for breast cancer.

It was very fun to see everyone looking bright and colorful those few days! Somewhere this has put a huge smile on someone’s face seeing a whole school recognize and raise awareness for such a serious disease that affects people’s lives daily. “If me acting like a fool and dressing up in shenanigans brings attention to such a huge issue, I’m all about it!” Lefler said with a smile.

A Spooktcular trunk-or-treat

by Jasmine Bolibol

It's finally spooky season and Forest Hills High School couldn't be more excited! On Friday, Oct. 22, Forest Hills High School hosted their first Trunk or Treat event to start off Halloween.

This event was hosted before their football Senior Night and last home game. Staff and students decorated their vehicles with spooky decorations and dressed up in costumes to hand out candy. Some even had fun mini-games like bean bag toss. Costumes varied from a ballerina, a penguin, and even Yoda from Star Wars. Anyone in the Forest Hills community was welcome to participate.

“We think after surveying staff and students that this event was successful. Many people from the community came out and enjoyed participating in the event. We got great feedback from both those involved and those who attended with their kids.” said Michelle Ballard, the creator of this event.

Children were scattered everywhere with big smiles on their faces excited to eat some candy. “I thought the Trunk or Treat was a lot of fun. I hosted a trunk with treats and was able to bring my own children, they really enjoyed it. I think the Forest Hills community really had fun, there were a lot of kids and people who participated and dressed up. I was really proud of the staff that dressed up and created some really cool games, not everybody just handed out candy; they had really neat games. I thought it was a really cool way to have a trunk or treat!” a member of the Forest Hills Community explained.

“As head of the senior community service committee, I was trying to think of creative ways our seniors could get involved in more of a hands-on type of way. I thought of the trunk-or-treat, knowing that we don't currently do anything of that nature. We met as a team yesterday and discussed the event and things that went well along with things that can be improved for the future,” explained Ballard.

Forest Hills is excited to now make this an annual event! “Yes, we do plan to make this an annual event. We may change some minor details about it but plan to host it in the coming years and have it grow,” said Ballard eagerly.