April 11th, 2019 6:00-8:00 pm

The GREATRACE is designed to be an explosively motivating and "team building" student and community extravaganza! The school building is actually turned into a culturally diverse world comprised of ten different cities. Each city hosts a challenge that the team must conquer in order to move on to the next location and one step closer to the final destination.

A truly spectacular event! Teams are given a "passport" upon arrival and must acquire passport stamps from ten "cities" located throughout the building in the course of the evening. Each "city" has a cooperative activity (Usually a theme relative to that city. Some are physical, some are intellectual, and some are just silly.) which the team must complete in order to receive their stamp and a piece of the final puzzle. After gathering and assembling all pieces of the final puzzle, a riddle is revealed. Teams race to be the first to find the "Final Destination" by solving the riddle and obtaining the password. Once granted entry to the final destination, the team must conquer the last challenge. The first team to conquer the last challenge is The GREATRACE champion. First, second, and third place prizes will be awarded to the winners.

We want our students to relish their time at Porter Ridge and to gain a strong sense of “Pirate” pride. We feel that when students work together on challenging and fun activities, they learn the skills needed to communicate and to cooperate. These skills then resurface when problems arise in other areas of their lives – social, academic, and emotional. The GREATRACE provides an opportunity for administrators, teachers, and students to problem solve, utilize critical thinking skills, and build rapport (all of which are crucial skills needed for everyday life, adults and students alike).

A couple of tidbits for parents and other adults willing to help:

1. You (if you choose to participate) will be used as a "customs inspector" for one of the cities. Therefore, you will not be able to actually "run the race," so to speak, since you will be assigned to a job. In order for things to work, we have to run 2 routes of 10 cities each. Some of the cities will require 3 customs inspectors each, while others can function with two.

2. Teachers/staff/parents/adults will not have to do any prep work/planning for this event, other than show up and monitor the activity for your city. I will have everything for your city packaged for you and given to you upon your arrival at 6:00.

3. We are hooking participating customs inspectors up with door prizes. Though, not all participants will win one. :)

4. If you already have an official GREATRACE t-shirt, please wear it that evening (with jeans). If not, please wear a black shirt.

Contact jennie.yearick@ucps.k12.nc.us at Porter Ridge High School with questions.