Lily Kwok

I am a second year Ph.D. Linguistics student at the University of Connecticut, a member of Diane Lillo-Martin's Sign Linguistics and Language Acquisition Laboratory, and a Research Assistant on the National Science Foundation (NSF) Grant-funded project, 'Bimodal Bilingual Code-blending: Language Synthesis.'

I am primarily interested in morphology, (morpho-)syntax, sign linguistics, language documentation, language emergence & development, language contact (especially in majority/minority language contexts), and language acquisition (bilingualism & L2 acquisition), with particular focus on languages of the Caribbean region.

I have previously done work on Trinidad and Tobago Sign Language (TTSL) and South Rupununi Sign Language, under the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, where I also completed my B.A. in Literatures in English and Linguistics.

Current projects & interests:

1. Documentation of the T(ense)-M(ood)-A(spect) system of TTSL.

2. A cross-linguistic analysis of full reduplication for nominal plurality (with special focus on signed and (Atlantic) creole languages).

3. The morpho-syntactic distribution of instrumental classifiers in American Sign Language (ASL).

Recent project: The imperative in ASL.

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