UConn Center for International Social Work & Yerevan State University Research Collaboration

This website displays an edition of research which only came to be through the "Exchange Program" and and collaborative efforts between UConn and YSU who share professional values and long lasting friendships.

Exploring Outcomes: Armenia Travel & Research Exchange Program

Armenia Travel & Research Exchange

The Purpose

  • To gain an understanding of transnational identifies of Syrians who are of Armenian descent and have become refugees in Armenia.
  • To explore the challenges faced by these refugees, and the role that social workers could play in helping them achieve economic and social security.

Major Themes

  • Familial and emotional changes, adaptation process, the use of technology, Armenian identity, hope for the future, and acceptance of new lifestyle.
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The Research Team Participants led by Rebecca Thomas PhD.

International Social Work in Context

International Social Work

Makes connections beyond boarders

"Through exploration of definitional issues and current immigration realities… international dimensions of social work with immigrants and refugees offers opportunities to improve practice and to enhance the relevance of international social work" – Lynne Y. Healy Ph.D.

Global Outreach

Ensuring social welfare on a global scale

Refugees and Immigrant populations are increasing and only through global outreach and research can the practice of social work be prepared for the future Welfare State

Applied Social Work Theory

Educators can support students to think beyond the classroom

"schools play a critical role in helping refugee children find some sense of safety and helps maximize their learning potential. This human rights emphasizes a social inclusion approach that requires active participation from government, school administration, the ESL teachers, teachers, the school social worker, students and their parents, refugee students and their parents, and the community. Ideally, these forces would partner together to create an environment for active learning and socialization for productive citizenry in the US" - Rebecca L. Thomas, Ph.D.