Educational Technology

This site is for students in the educational technology program, including the certificate, MS, and EdS. You'll find useful information as you plan out your schedules and progress through your program.

Please utilize the variety of resources, read, and review all information to ensure that you are on track and taking the right courses.

Enrollment (help documents from our school)

Instructions for enrollment can be found here:

Information about holds can be found here:

Commonly asked enrollment questions can be found here:

Program of Study

You may already have a program of study developed in unison with your advisor. But if not, the following Google Sheets may be utilized. Be sure to make a copy and save with your own file name. (File | Make a copy...) Additionally, it's ideal to share the sheet so that student and advisor both have editing rights.

1. Create a Program of Study and update it regularly

Program of Study Google Sheet for all programs, with tabs for MS, EdS, and Certificate with required courses entered. Includes an EdS tab for students that already have an MS in educational technology and those that do not.

2. Check your progress via the Central Degree Audit each semester before you register for classes. Be aware that these audits are not always correct. You and your advisor will want to compare it with your Program of Study to be sure they align.

3. Graduate Catalog - Read through for detailed information about policies pertaining to your degree.

Course Schedules

While MyCentral is the official location of course offerings and the site where you register for courses, the following information below may be useful in your planning as they focus on only INST course offerings and planning by the faculty. Courses outside the program with prefixes other than INST are not included below. Be sure to check MyCentral for more information.

Long Term Planning: Course Offering Matrix

Recent / Current / Upcoming Offerings:

Spring 2019

Summer 2018

Fall 2018

Courses and Program Information

Electives - Suggestions and advice as you decide what electives might be of interest to you.

Curriculum Changes - Recent curricular changes that may impact what courses you take in order to graduate.

Syllabi - Archive of recent syllabi so that you can see what classes consist of before you register. For the most up to date copy of syllabi please obtain directly from the instructor and/or from within your Blackboard course.

Portfolio Requirements - The portfolio is introduced in INST 5100 and completed in INST 6930 for MS students or INST 6940 for EdS students. You will want to make steady progress throughout the program and build it over time. It will be much less overwhelming this way, and also ensures that you are not scrambling to find assignments and information from classes that may have been taken a while back.


Google Group - Email distribution list for faculty and students. If you are not sure if you are on the list contact your advisor to check.

Facebook - Optional Facebook group for informal communication and information sharing between faculty and students.

Additional Resources and Information


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