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I am a second-year PhD student working with Xin Xie in the Department of Language Science at University of California, IrvineBroadly, I am interested in everything about speech including speech perception and production, from behavioral, neural, and computational perspectives. I am a cognitive (neuro)scientist and psycholinguist. Learn more about my research, click here!

Recent updates:

I am currently working on a project examining adaptation to degraded speech (i.e., accented speech and speech in noise) in younger and older adults. 

I will be presenting one poster at Psychonomics 2023  and one poster at SNL 2023 together with Xin Xie, and Chigusa Kurumada.

Our department (Language Science at UCI) is hosting SCiL 2024 -- I'll be on the organizing committee. 

Ways to get in touch: