UCI Circle K in

UCI Intramural Sports

Serving as Leaders in Fellowship

UCI Circle K has become more active in the Intramural Sports world since 2015. Many members currently captain our teams in UC Irvine's Intramural Sports leagues, encouraging development in leadership skills and promoting the club tenet of fellowship.

UCI IM Sports is a part of UCI Campus Recreation.Learn more about UCI IM Sports:http://www.campusrec.uci.edu/im/index.asphttp://www.imleagues.com/uci/

Learn New Sports!

Want to try a new sport? Try it with Circle K, where you can learn with the comfort of your fellow members!

Bond With Friends!

Looking for new experiences? Join with a friend or make new ones that love the same sport as you do!

Fight For Glory!

Urging to win it all? Take on the challenge with Circle K and fight for championship glory!

Guest Clubs: Softball games are free to watch! Click below for more information.