Undergraduate Researchers

Elisa Campello de Mello

Elisa is a third year Cognitive Psychology major with a minor in Education who joined the lab in Winter 2017. She is interested in how language and knowledge acquisition works in the brain. Elisa believes every child should have the opportunity and resources to succeed in life so she looks forward to researching in Cognitive Development as well as developing efficient interventions to help children with learning disabilities. She joined the lab to gain hands on experience in research as she wants to be well prepared in order to pursue a PhD in School and Educational Psychology. In her spare time she enjoys reading, watching movies and doing yoga and meditation.

Amy Giang

Amy is a first year Biological Sciences major who joined the lab in Winter 2016. She joined not only because she was curious about research and would like to get hands-on experience, but also because she thinks children are funny tiny people. In her free time, she plays Tetris, listens to kpop, does arts and crafts, and eats lots of food.

Eden Harder

Eden is an undergraduate research assistant who joined the lab in Summer 2016. She is a second year Biological Sciences major and hopes to specialize in Neurobiology in her third year. Eden joined the lab because she is eager to gain a better understanding of what life as a graduate student would look like and because she loves learning more about what happens as the brain develops. After she graduates, she plans to attend graduate school and ultimately become a neuropsychologist. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, hiking, swimming, and listening to music.

Gabby Lomeli

Gabby is a fourth year Cognitive Sciences major that joined the lab in fall 2014. She joined the lab to gain research experience and to develop her interest in cognitive development, particularly in dual-language learners. After graduation, Gabby plans on going to graduate school to pursue a Ph.D. in Psychology or Cognitive Neuroscience. She hopes to eventually become a university professor.

Julia Majdali

Julia is an undergraduate Research Assistant who joined the lab during summer of 2016. She is a Cognitive Sciences major with a concentration in Neuroscience. She joined the lab to assist in research that involves younger children. After completing her bachelor’s she plans on attending graduate school to work towards a PhD in Clinical Psychology

Hoang Quan Thi Nguyen

Hoang is a third year Cognitive Sciences major with a concentration in Language Science. She joined the lab in Fall 2016 because she was interested in how children's minds gradually develop to make sense of the world around them. Her long-term career goal is to become a speech-language pathologist who works extensively with children. In her spare time, she likes to play tennis and ping-pong as well as traveling to new places with her family.

Shixuan (Shirley) Wang

Shirley is a first year Education major. She joined the lab in 2016 to gain research experience in children's psychological development. With the addition of Education, Shirley plans to double major in Psychology and Social Behavior in her second year. In her spare time, Shirley enjoys sports such as swimming and volleyball. She also really enjoys trying different kinds of food.

Justine Skaar

Justine Skaar is a junior undergraduate Psychology major in the School of Social Sciences. She joined the lab in Winter of 2017 in order to gain insight about cognitive development research and explore the responsibilities of a PhD student. Justine hopes to attend graduate school and become a clinical psychologist specialized in working with children. In her free time, Justine likes to travel, hike, paint, and practice yoga.