The Writing Workshop:

Write More, Write Better, Be Happier in Academia

The book is here! Get an electronic version for free, or buy a print copy to hold in your hands.

Read the book with friends

On, you can create a book club or course, and invite your friends or students to read and discuss the book with you. It's all free. (You can also download a .pdf of the book from this site.)

Or download a full-text pdf from the Open Science Framework.

Or buy the book in print or e-reader versions

The Open Science Framework has templates and examples of IDPs, Term Plans, the Shared Daily Writing Log and the Rejection Collection. You can also watch a video of our Feedback Forum.

Curious about the money?

My original plan was to make the book free once the production costs were covered, but once the COVID-19 pandemic forced everyone to stay home, it seemed like freeing the book was the right thing to do. So I uploaded the full text PDFs to the Open Science Framework and in March of 2020. But some people still bought the print edition: At the end of 2020, royalties from U.S. sales of the book totaled $10,362, so the production costs were officially covered. Thanks, Everyone!


Editing by Michael Dylan Rogers $5,000.00

Book and cover design by Lindsey Cleworth $2,250.00

Reedsy (10% surcharge on freelancer fees ) $863.00

Proofreading by Natalie Silver $800.00

Indexing by Melissa Hyde $580.00

ISBNs $295.00

Set up book on Amazon $49.00

Set up book on Ingram (for all non-Amazon sites) $49.00

TOTAL $9886.00