Reading Group in Industrial Organization

General plan

  1. Each student presents an IO related paper in each meeting (students can also present their researches)
  2. Open topics: Empirical IO and Microeconomics Theory
  3. Time and location: Thursday 3:30-4:30pm @ SSPB 3218

Tentative plan for EIO

  1. Four main topics:
    • Static Demand Estimation (this quarter, starts with discrete choice models)
    • Dynamic Demand Estimation
    • Single Agent Dynamics (with durable and non-durable goods)
    • Dynamic Games
  2. Focus on the methods and computer codes implementing the method
    • Discuss a particular estimation technique and a paper which applies that method in each presentation


Fall 2019

10/10 Andalib Shah: Review discrete choice models

10/17 Hao-Che Hsu: Presentation "Empirical Models of Demand" (Solving IIA Problem)

Papers will be discussed:

10/24 Jieyu Gao: Mergers with Differentiated Products: The Case of the Ready-to-Eat Cereal Industry (Nevo, 2000)

10/31 Lai Jiang: Further technical discussion on Nevo (2000) with BLP code review

11/07 Phuong Vo: Presentation "Pricing and Product Return Policy" (Student's research project in Microeconomic Theory)

11/14 Andalib Shah: Discuss empirical methods

11/21 Colin Reinhardt: The Dynamics of Productivity in the Telecommunicsations Equipment Industry (Olley and Pakes, 1996)

11/28 Thanksgiving (No meeting)

12/05 Discussion on Winter quarter plans

Winter 2020

01/10 Andalib Shah: Review dynamics estimation methods and dynamic programming

01/16 Andalib Shah and Colin Reinhardt: Optimal Replacement of GMC Bus Engines: An Empirical Model of Harold Zurcher (Rust, 1987)

01/23 Andalib Shah and Colin Reinhardt: Continue discussion on Rust (1987)

01/30 (No meeting)

02/06 Andalib Shah and Colin Reinhardt: Rust (1987) estimation code review

02/13 Colin Reinhardt and Jieyu Gao: Dynamics of Consumer Demand for New Durable Goods (Gowrisankaran and Rysman, 2012)

02/20 Hao-Che Hsu: Presentation "Single and Multi-agent Dynamic Decision Processes"

Papers will be discussed:

Department of Economics, University of California-Irvine