The GRADS Data Set with Dr. Heidi Hardt , Dr. Amy Erica Smith, and Philippe Meister

We created the GRADS data set which looks at gender representation in graduate training in political science. GRADS includes 88,673 readings from 65 Ph.D.-level reading lists and 840 syllabi from Ph.D.-level political science courses taught in the United States. The full data set includes not only citations, but also data at the level of syllabi, instructors, and departments/universities. A full, anonymized data set will be made available in 2019.

The MGF Data Set (updated) with Dr. Bernard Grofman

We updated the Masuoka, Grofman, Feldman (MGF) data set, which was used to analyze the number of citation counts of scholars by cohort and gender [first article of the series listed here]. The updated MGF data set includes the current status of 3,719 faculty members from the original set. We use this to look at how their previous status and gender has affected job mobility and faculty turnover. The updated MGF data set is available upon request.

The KG Data Set with Dr. Bernard Grofman

We created a data set of 4,089 tenure track faculty members in PhD-granting US institutions ca. 2017. The data set includes each faculty member's accumulated citation counts, cohort based on year of Ph.D., university of Ph.D., current university, field of interest, gender, and visibility based on whether they have Google Scholar profiles. We use this to observe current trends in the discipline. The KG data set is available upon request.

UCI Student Attitudes Data Set with Dr. Jeffrey S. Kopstein

We created our own data set through a survey questionnaire of randomly selected undergraduate students at UC Irvine using Qualtrics. The study observes student attitudes on foreign policy and ethnic communities in the United States.