Duet for Human and Machine

Omar Costa Hamido & Andrea Sloan Pink

Duet for Human and Machine (2018)

Raspberry Pi 3, microphone, speaker, arcade button, cardboard box

Capturing the dangers and benefits of human-machine interface, the artists invite physical and auditory interaction as a means of altering the dynamics of human-machine relationships. By limiting visual aspects of the piece, the artists intend to heighten sonic awareness to invoke emotional states. The piece uses a dialectic form of inquiry, playing on a modified Socratic method to embody concerns raised by increasing machine-human interaction.

Trailer (2018)

June 2018

Beall Center for Art + Technology

Duet for Human and Machine premiered at an exhibition at the Beall Center for Art + Technology, in Irvine, CA.


February 2019

Segerstrom Center for the Arts

After receiving the 1st Prize Award for a Call for Student Artwork, Duet for Human and Machine was invited to be exhibited at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts’ "Brilliance: A Night of Music and Light". This event took place on the Argyros Plaza and Duet for Human and Machine was presented inside Richard Serra's Connector.