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The California STEM INCLUDES conference is a three day workshop on the general topic of STEM Inclusion across multiple sectors in California. The stakeholders include leaders and administrators in the K - 12 system, Community College System, Cal State System, UC System, private universities, industry, and community partners/philanthropic organizations. The main objective of the meeting is to determine the first steps in developing a state-wide network that would serve as a backbone for STEM inclusion.

May 4 - 6, 2017 in Anaheim, CA

Hosted by UC Irvine

Keynote Speakers:

  • Eloy Oakley, Chancellor of the California Community Colleges
  • Sylvia Hurtado, UCLA Professor of Education and former director of the Higher Education Research Institute
  • Susan Elrod, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, University of Wisconsin - Whitewater
  • Emily Miller, Director of AAU Undergraduate STEM Education Initiative
  • Marco Molinaro, Assistant Vice Provost for Educational Effectiveness, UC Davis.

Supported by NSF Grant #1650570

Our goal is 30% UC, 20% CSU, 25% California Community Colleges, 5% private colleges, 10% K-12, 5% industry and 5% miscellaneous philanthropic and community-based organizations. The conference will end with a call for action to get engaged in the new California STEM INCLUDES Network. Each conference participant will be asked to write a personal goal for how they plan to engage in this community to share data or practices or to find opportunities to collaborate with others.

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