Art. Thought. Advocacy.

Kyrin Hobson is an interdisciplinary artist and museum professional. Her practice proposes counter-visualities to explore feminist histories of Black and multi-racial women. In paintings, performance and multi-media installations, the artist draws upon practices of southern midwifery and healing to vigorously advocate for the idea of birth as a common and for safe, healthy un-forced birth as a human right. Visual storytelling and the design of "spaces of encounter" frame inquiries about how personal family histories and explorations of the  aftermath of the trans-Atlantic slave trade can be guideposts for the challenges of the here and now. Through the lens of motherhood as an unbroken through-line of our survival, the work centers bodily movement, ecologies of care, the search for kinship and the ways in which women aggregate, transfer and utilize power.

Hobson holds a BA in Visual Art from University of California, Los Angeles, a Master's in Arts Administration and Museum Studies from New York University, and an MFA in Visual Art from the University of Chicago.