Success for All : Fall 2017 Edition

Focus on Wellness

This 3 minute video features UHS students Matt Daniels and Sachi Patel - two students who helped drive this initiative.

School Start Times

How UCFSD students campaigned for later school start times and how the community came together to support student wellness. Learn more.

Why a Good Night’s Sleep is the Secret to Success

Later school start times are only part of the picture. Families addressing life balance issues can use these resources for help and guidance. Learn more.

Mindful of the Present… Preparing for the Future

A new healthy living curriculum developed by Health and Phys Ed department - inspired by their work on the Wellness Committee and the latest science. Learn more.

A Growth Mindset Unlocks the Potential in All of US

Partnering with the Franklin Institute, UCF teachers are studying the latest science on how the brain works to create brain-based learning instruction for students. Learn more..

Why Wellness Matters

IQ + EQ = Success

Our students will face a complex and challenging future that will look nothing like the one their parents and grandparents faced.

Our Mission is to help them develop the skills of tomorrow - emotional intelligence and academics.

  • Having a degree is not enough to guarantee success in the global economy
  • ‘Knowing the answer’ will not assure success
  • Ingenuity and adaptability are critical to navigating the ever-changing future
  • Success is out of reach for those without the ability to ‘Connect’, ‘Communicate’ and ‘Collaborate’ with others
  • Repeated failure is part of the journey toward greater achievement, and having the grit, resilience and mind-set to keep going determines long-term success

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