Work in progress

  • "Dairy Quota Policy and 12-Day Sell-by Regulation in Montana: A Welfare Analysis"
  • "Food Date Labeling and Supply Chain Design"
  • "Food Date Labeling: How is It Related to Household Food Storage and Waste Behavior?"


  • Xu, Y., R.E. Goodhue, J.A. Chalfant, T. Miller, and S.A. Fennimore. 2017. "Economic Viability of Steam as an

Alternative to Preplant Soil Fumigation in California Strawberry Production." HortScience,52(3), 401-407. (Link)

  • Xu, Y., S.A. Fennimore, R.E. Goodhue, K.M. Klonsky, and T. Miller. 2014. "Buffer Zone Regulations and

Alternatives to Pre-plant Soil Fumigation: Using Steam in California Strawberry Production." ARE Update

17(3): 9-11. (Link)

Grants, Fellowships, and Awards

  • 2018 Western Center for Agricultural Health and Safety, UC Davis $7,115

"Reducing exposure of farmworkers to soil chemical fumigants by promoting sustainable, chemical-free alternatives" (Co-PI with Dr. Jesus Bayo)

  • 2016-2017 ITS-Davis Corporate Aliate Fellowship sponsored by Toyota, UC Davis $2,500
  • 2009-2012 Dean's List, University of Colorado, Denver