Leadership Engagement with Awesome People

A Region 7 Event for 4-H Leaders & 4-H Parents

Alameda, Contra Costa, San Mateo, San Francisco & Santa Clara Counties 

Saturday, November 5

9:15 - 9:30 am Check-in - Ends at 3 pm

Cherryland School

 456 Laurel Avenue 

(Use exact address for GPS & enter on Laurel Avenue side of school)

Hayward, CA

Lunch & Snacks Provided (Must pre-register)


Child Care, Day Camp Activities Provided 

with pre-registration

 ages 5 - 13

See the developing schedule below, check back to see additions

Registration for Adult 4-H Leaders and 4-H Parents


14 - 18 year old 4-H'ers may register as activity assistants


For Questions, please email Susan Weaver, sjweaver@ucanr.edu

While at LEAP, be sure to stop by and meet Carolyn from the California 4-H Foundation.

Learn how the foundation can help your club to fundraise or 

how you can donate to 4-H with matching funds.

Keynote Speaker:

Dr. Rachael Fisher

Veterinary Medical Officer 

of the USDA

4-H Alumna

Keynote presentation on leadership experiences in 4-H and how The 4-H Program and 4-H volunteers helped influence my career path into becoming a

Veterinary Medical Officer 

for the USDA. 


Leading and Participating in 4-H Livestock Projects

Salene Duarte

4-H Alumna

Santa Clara County Volunteer

 Thinking of leading a livestock project? Hoping to provide support to your livestock-loving 4-H'ers? Have some livestock experience to share? 

This session will cover all the basics.

4-H Project Planning 

for Success

Zeva Cho

4-H Statewide Program Coordinator

4-H Volunteer, San Mateo County

 Thinking of leading a 4-H project? Maybe you need some fresh ideas for your current project. Are you a   4-H parent that hopes to understand how projects work? 

This session will help 4-H project leaders to develop a plan with meaningful content and help parents support their 4-H'ers participation.  

LEAP into Fair

Everything you ever wanted to know

Salene Duarte

Santa Clara County Fair Manager

4-H Alumna

4-H Volunteer, project leader 

& Community Club Leader

Salene was a 4-H exhibitor as a youth, has three children that have participated for more than 10 years, and is currently the Santa Clara County Fair Manager.

Fair season is a fun & exciting time of year. To make it run smoothly and have a great time, planning is crucial. Come learn about the ins and outs of fair participation as a project leader or a parent of a 4-H participant. 


Youth That Thrive and Inquiry & Experiential Learning 

Gemma Miner

California State 4-H Academic Coordinator for Volunteer Engagement; a youth development professional with more than 30 years of partnering with youth to help them develop confidence, leadership, and individualized life skills. 

Session 1 - Youth that Thrive: Learn about the 4-H Thriving Model of Positive Youth Development with activities to explore and help youth develop their Spark. 

Session 2 - I&E Learning: We will explore the foundational practices of inquiry and experiential learning through a hands-on activity as well as a presentation of the theory. 

LEAP into 

Computer Science Projects & Workshops

Santa Clara CS Team

Megna Nayar &

Michaela Auyeung

In the "How to lead a CS Project" session, we will discuss how to recruit youth to create a team, how to structure trainings, how to choose and create curriculum, and how to reach youth with CS. 

The Santa Clara County Computer Science Team has been organizing STEM events and workshops since 2017, and we hope to encourage others to bring STEM activities to their clubs and counties as well! 


Public Speaking

Leap into Presentation Day

Laura Tiscareno

& Eric Weaver

County Presentation Day Chair 

Santa Clara County 4-H Volunteer

Laura Tiscareno has been a 4-H parent and adult volunteer for the past 10 years. She believes that the 4-H youth development program is an amazing way for all youth to become better public speakers. She's always wowed by the 4-H presentations she sees as a parent, mentor, evaluator, and County Presentation Day coordinator. 

Come learn how 4-H parents, volunteers, and youth can help support public speaking.

Public speaking continues to be a cornerstone of the University of California 4-H Youth Development Program (UC 4-H). UC 4-H alumni will often mention that they learned how to speak more effectively through their participation in the UC 4-H presentation program.  

Youth Adult Partnerships 

for the Win!

Karen Looye Donnelly

Community  Education Specialist II

San Mateo/San Francisco Counties

San Mateo County 4-H Volunteer

Youth-adult partnerships are shown to be one of the most effective ways to engage both youth and adults in meaningful activities which contribute to positive youth development.  

This session will guide adults to identify where your own Youth Adult Partnership relationship is, and how to improve it.

4-H Camp

Makes the BEST

4-H Memories

Robin Hogan

4-H Alumna

San Mateo County 4-H Volunteer

SM/SF Adult Camp Director

4-H camp promotes an environment where children learn leadership, grow their personal self-confidence through trying new things, and feel part of a safe family. Come learn about San Mateo County 4-H Summer Camp where campers enjoy a variety of skill-building activities that facilitate positive youth interactions. This session is for those planning summer camps as well as for those considering participating as a chaperone or by sending their 4-H’er to camp in Region 7.


County Event Planning

for Success

Brenda Vales

Contra Costa County

4-H Community Educator II

Contra Costa County Volunteer

Planning a 4-H event?  

Join Brenda to develop your toolbox for how to plan a successful 4-H event in 10 easy steps.  

You will leave this session with a 

4-H Event Handbook. 

Introduction to 

Digital Storytelling 

Dr. Sally Neas

San Mateo/San Francisco Counties 4-H Advisor

Sally Neas is the 4-H Youth Development Advisor for San Mateo and San Francisco counties. She has a Ph.D. in Geography and a masters in community development from U.C. Davis. Her graduate work focused on engaging marginalized youth with climate action. This includes developing and piloting a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) curriculum on climate change that used digital storytelling to help youth make sense of climate change. 

Come learn about how you can do this as a project in your county. 

Outreach & 

Methods Recording

Ashley Wheeler

Alameda County 4-H Volunteer & Community Club Leader 

Join us to talk about outreach! 

Come learn what has worked, what hasn't, and everything in between! We will be sharing some simple hands-on outreach activities in this meeting to show how fun and easy outreach can be! Everyone will leave with a handout of some creative outreach methods.