CHE 118A

118A Workshops

Workshop recording links from W'22 are available, fill out this form for access. You should be logged in with your ucdavis account. Bookmark the folder or add to starred to make it easy to find.

Resources in the 118A folder in Google Drive

  • Useful handouts and summary pages

  • 118A handouts from Prof. Lievens

  • Notes from workshops and office hours

  • Scanned 118A workshop notebook

  • Workshop recordings

Resources you will find on this page:

  • Workshop worksheets and keys

  • Links to additional resources, including practice exams

  • Vollhardt and Schore HW worksheets (an old solutions manual is in the 118A Google Drive). Some chapters have extra handouts with mechanisms or helpful tables attached, so take a look even if you don't plan on doing the problems.

*** Scroll all the way down for handouts of suggested homework problems from the textbook. ***

Useful Handouts

Additional Resources

Suggested HW from Vollhardt and Schore, 8th Ed.

These handouts contain a subset of end-of-chapter problems from the 8th edition (same problems as in the 6th and 7th editions, but some are numbered differently - see this HW List for the conversion between editions). They (mostly) match the suggested HW problems from Nasiri and Lievens, but I tried to pick no more than 10 from each chapter. You will need the solutions manual to check your answers, a used copy of whichever edition you'd like (6th, 7th or 8th) will be just fine.

Ch 1 Structure and Bonding

Ch 2 Structure and Reactivity

Ch 3 Halogenation of Alkanes

Ch 4 Cycloalkanes

Ch 5 Stereoisomers

Ch 6 Haloalkanes: SN2

Ch 7 Haloalkanes: SN1/SN2/E1/E2

Ch 8 Alcohols

Ch 9 Ethers

Ch 10 NMR Spectroscopy

Ch 11.8 Infrared Spectroscopy