Emily Malcolm-White

Math and Statistics Specialist

Academic Assistance and Tutoring Centers, UC Davis

Email: ebmwhite@ucdavis.edu | Office: 2256 Dutton Hall

Note from Emily:

At the end of Fall Quarter 2018, I left my position at UC Davis. I will always look back at my time at UC Davis fondly, and want to thank everyone (students, staff, faculty) who made my time in Davis so wonderful.

This website will no longer be updated.

You can find reviews from students who have attended my courses and workshops on RateMyProfessor. If you have taken one of my classes, I would appreciate if you would write a review for me!

Note: Graduate students looking for research related statistical advice should contact the Stat Lab: http://www-stat.ucdavis.edu/stat-lab/index.html

For more information about Academic Assistance and Tutoring at UC Davis please visit: https://tutoring.ucdavis.edu/