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AI and You ...

Deep learning, Generative AI, LLMs, and related technologies have stormed into business and society. aiMPACT DAVIS, aimed at the UC Davis student body, will provide a broad brush overview of these technologies -- what innovations drive modern AI? What are the exciting prospects and transformative possibilities created by Generative AI? What is the "business of AI" likely to look like? What are the pitfalls and risks? What kinds of governance and regulatory actions are needed for safe and responsible AI? 

We want aiMPACT DAVIS to help students and professionals get a sense for both opportunities and risks, how AI will affect their career prospects and what steps they can take now to improve their position. It will also provide an opportunity to network with industry participants and thought leaders.

Learn from an ensemble of leading researchers and industry luminaries helping shape what's next in AI.

Fresh insights. Inspiring dialogue. Networking. Bottomless coffee. Prepare for your future with AI at aiMPACT DAVIS.

"We hope that aiMPACT DAVIS will help students and professionals clarify their apprehensions about AI, understand how they will fit into a workforce and careers which will be radically transformed by AI, and apprise them or their role as citizens and leaders around regulation and policy issues related to AI."

Hemant Bhargava, Suran Chair Professor in Technology Management, and Director, CATS