The COVID-19 health crisis last year brought with it the inevitable suspension of face-to-face teaching in all Spanish universities, and the obligatory adaptation of face-to-face university education to a virtual mode. This complex process has materialized in our university with success and positive academic results, largely thanks to the commitment to academic quality of our university staff, but certainly thanks to the effort and tenacity as students, not in vain you are the soul and foundation of our university.

Despite the uncertainty that accompanies the evolution of the pandemic, the main desire of UCAM and my own, is that the academic year 2020/21 represents the return to normalcy in the academic life of the university, promoting the development of our teaching and always safeguarding the safety of all members of our university community (students, faculty and administration and services staff), for which various contingency plans have been designed and implemented to respond to the needs and circumstances that the new course may present.

With this objective, but taking into account the exceptional social conditions resulting from the health crisis COVID-19, our University will undertake the academic year 2020/21 in the traditional face-to-face teaching model of our teachings, but incorporating certain methodological components of the Bimodal teaching model, as set out in the Protocol for the application of a university model of adapted attendance - 2020/21, applicable transversally to all degrees UCAM Official Degree and Master.

From UCAM, we want to convey a message of tranquility and confidence to our students and their families, and thank you again for your academic and personal commitment to our University. The main mission of UCAM is to offer a quality education to our students, as well as a formation in ethical and moral values in the light of Christian humanism, transmitting to them the true vocation to love in the freedom that our Lord Jesus Christ has given us.

I can assure you that since the beginning of this health crisis, we have worked and continue to work intensely so that the planning of the official Degree, Master's and Doctorate courses is developed with all the academic guarantees for our students, contributing to the achievement of your goals and objectives.

José Luis Mendoza Pérez

President of UCAM

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