2020 Spring ONLINE Orientation for ALL OGAR

UPDATE 4.2.TH.2020


I am asking the following be answered in an email I am sending:

What is the most recent TV show, Movie, and/or song/album you have listened to? (You may answer all 3 media types or just one)

UPDATE 3.20.F.2020


DO NOT "read" this update until you have read through the "UPDATE 3.17.T.2020" below this one


Instructions at the top of each course page as to how we are proceeding with finishing this semester's coursework:

  • Ogar's GRAPHIC DESIGN II ---> see site navigation or click Graphic Design 2

  • Ogar's GRAPHIC DESIGN IV ---> see site navigation or click Graphic Design 4

  • Ogar's ILLUSTRATION II --> see site navigation or click Illustration 2

  • Ogar's 4388/xgrade-4388 students --> continue to work as best you can, AIM TO EMAIL ME by 4.3.F and give me an update or so we can discuss your special circumstances

  • Ogar's BFA Practicum I, 4300 students --> continue to work on your process as best you can, AIM TO EMAIL ME by 4.3.F and give me an update or so we can discuss your special circumstances

  • Ogar's BFA Practicum II, 4301 students --> continue to work on your process as best you can, AIM TO EMAIL ME by 4.3.F and give me an update or so we can discuss your special circumstances. I suspect you will have heard from the BFA Coordinator by this time too.


NOTE: We will proceed as best we can given the circumstances given the University has maintained the semester continue. Health and Safety FIRST.

UPDATE 3.17.T.2020


An email was sent out with the survey and a request to come to this page to read the New INFORMATION section below.


>>>>>>>> SUPER SHORT SURVEY <<<<<<<<

If not already completed for Ogar, fill out the super short survey above for Ogar Graphic Design 2, Ogar Graphic Design 4, Ogar Illustration 2 students, Ogar 4388 Student, Ogar BFA Students to help me plan the semester’s remaining course content… My hope is that you can do this ASAP depending on your circumstances.



  • In a very serious way, your safety and health is priority one. My point of view is that we are temporarily detouring to online delivery and I am not suggesting this is a substitute for face-to-face-in-person community and performative interaction. Digital does not 100% translate, but we can certainly take up the challenge.

  • I am not requiring, I am not suggesting, and I am not requesting students in my classes use UCA facilities to complete remaining semester’s specific Ogar coursework. My goal is to accommodate the uncertainty as best for each of you in your courses with me, pending an unexpected (unlikely) unforeseen resolution to the current viral disruption.

  • If possible, you might consider gathering any supplies you need from campus for your own personal use to take home (if you have not already done so)… and I suggest you aim to do so before normal campus closing time on 430-5pm 3.20.Friday.

  • Regarding Ogar Graphic Design 2, Ogar Graphic Design 4, Ogar Illustration 2 students: I will be sending out a mini-online reading and analysis assignment later this week. And depending on the state of affairs I will aim to reconvene more specific, straightforward, theme driven coursework AFTER spring break.

  • Regarding 4388 students: We can try to talk via email as you need, continue to work as you see fit. I aim to followup in the next 2 to 3 weeks.

  • Regarding graduating BFA students in the current senior exhibit: we are in limbo and awaiting more formal word from the department chair. Feel free to also contact your BFA Senior Exhibit faculty (Hornbrook) with questions; I am also happy to try to field.

  • Regarding BA students in the current senior exhibit: I am not on any BA Panels, my understanding is a solution for such is coming for you via other faculty.

  • Regarding large scale printing: I am not providing any large scale printing services at this time in the lab.

  • Regarding Advising: Feel free to send me questions as some of you have. Email first and we will decide from there if a Zoom/Google-Meets virtual meeting is in order.

  • Regarding possible equivalent Illustration III vs illustration oriented 4388 with Ogar: For those of you who have had Illustration 2 or are taking Illustration 2 this semester, feel free to send me your interest in having a “third level” of illustration oriented content in the fall of 2020. (Send questions too if any)… some students have already asked. The course (I am making it a 4388 this time around) will have a specific scheduled course time because of the number of students I potentially anticipate enrolling. I plan on the "course" to feature 1 to 2 structured projects and the second half of the semester (or more) to be independently driven.


University of Central Arkansas moving "online" for class content

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The University emailed the following to students and faculty on 3.12.TH:

  • Friday, March 13 - Monday, March 16: All classes cancelled
  • Tuesday, March 17 - Friday, March 20: All classes held online
  • Saturday, March 21 - Sunday, March 29: Spring Break
  • Monday, March 30 - End of spring 2020 semester: All classes held online

I will SOON be sending additional emails to all my current semester students in regards to how we will proceed with online versions of your current OGAR courses. Which means your current process may wind up being completing different than what you expected. We will make it work.

I am aware that not all students have full access to computers nor access to course software (even if you have a computer) so I will be redesigning courses to take this into account. Also, there is no expectation, as the University closes in some form, that you will have access to the Design Lab or classrooms (this has not be addressed by the University yet... the department is looking into how we might allow studio course students onto campus in light of pushing courses online.... and as of 3.15.Su this has already changed)

In the end, your health and safety is priority. I am going to wait a few days to let everyone orient "to the new reality" before bombarding you with multiple course related tasks.

OF NOTE: Before Spring Break starts (on 3.20.2020.F) I MAY be sending out an email survey to determine what baseline we can work with to move forward in each course. I will be able to easily dump the survey into a spreadsheet so I can quickly determine what all students can work on with equal expectations for completion of the semester.