competition rocket mid launch
Hybrid motor test

Competition Rocketry Team

Project Lead: Gabe Surina

Students work on different teams to build all components of a competition level rocket. Launches/competitions occur once a year in New Mexico during June at the annual Spaceport America Cup.

Spaceport America Cup


Dynamics - Calculate the aerodynamics and physics that define the shape of the rocket.

Recovery - Fabricate the parachute and parachute ejection system.

Structures - Design and build the body and internal structure.


Design and build the on board computer which controls the recovery system.


Chem - Mix and test the solid rocket propellant.

Hardware - Design and machine the aluminum casing and graphite nozzle.

Hybrid Motor Development

This year we want to develop our skills and knowledge with hybrid propulsion systems.

Members holding competition rocket.
Student working on rocket.
Members watching rocket launch.