Do you ever find yourself looking up to the stars at night? Do you wonder what other planets in our solar system would look like up close, through a powerful telescope? Do you want to know if the Moon is really made of cheese?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, SEDS’ Astronomy Club is the place for you. We like to stare at stars, catch comets when we can, and marvel at meteor showers. When we’re not meeting up in the pitch black of night to sky-gaze, we may be going on trips to local attractions like the Buffalo State planetarium, or heading out to dark spots off campus that offer a really superb view of the night sky.

The Astronomy group is as much about making friends and having a good time as it is about learning and exploring the universe, so whether you’re a serious astronomy buff with a telescope of your own or just a casual observer who’d like to come hang out, you are welcome to join us.

Project Leads: Ben Mannix

Kelly Murray

SEDS has 3 telescopes that we like to pull out to use when the weather cooperates.

The astronomy group also does group book readings and has meetings a few times per month.

We are in the process of planning a dark sky trip later this semester.

Group photo of the astronomy club posed next to a telescope on the bookstore field.